PAID - Pan African Institute for Development

The Pan-African Institute for the Development (PAID) is an International Association of Switzerland Law. It is manage by a General Secretariat endowed with two offices, one in Geneva responsible for  partnership with the partners of the North as well as the agencies of the United Nations System and another based  at Yaoundé in Cameroon for the supervision of five Regional Institutes responsible for: 

  • The training of the top executive officials 
  • The support-counseling
  • The Management of the projects 
  • Action -Research

The five Regional’s Institutes that the general Secretariat supervises are:

  1. Panafrican Institute for Development Francophone Central Africa (IPD-AC), established in Douala, Cameroon;
  2. Panafrican Institute for Development West Africa Anglophone (PAID-WA), based in Buea, Cameroon;
  3. Panafrican Institute for Development West Africa and Sahel French (IPD-AOS), based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso;
  4. Panafrican Institute for Development East Africa and Southern English (PAID-ESA), established in Kabwe in Zambia;
  5. Panafrican Institute for Development of North Africa (PAID-AN), being created in Salé in Morocco.

PAID institutions benefit diplomatic status conferred on them by agreements with host countries.

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PhD in Applied Development Science
Classes for the first session effectively begun 27 April 2015.
Applications for the next session starting 15 October 2016 are being received since the 25 April 2016.

The deadline for the reception of those applications is 30 September 2016.

NB: The applications can be submitted through regional PAIDs under the condition that an electronic copy is sent to the general secretariat of PAID.



Current News
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Strengthen the capacities of African executives in various fields of development. More

Support / Advice

Support - Advice

The experience of IPD in the service of his environment, strong partnerships for African development. More

Management of projects

One of the major missions of PAID is the management of technical cooperation projects More


Publication / infodoc

More than 12 000 references hosted by the documentation center and in partnership with IRED. More

Sustainable development
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Contact us

Geneva office:

Phone: +(4122) 733 60 16 / 733 60 17
Fax: (4122) 733 09 75
E-mail: sg-paid-ipd@hotmail.ch
C.P. 38, 5 route des Morillons, 1211 Génève 20

Yaoundé office:

Phone: +(237) 222 20 82 35
GSM:    +(237) 672 22 64 46
E-mail: gs@paidafrica.org
P.O Box : 35527 Yaoundé Bastos