Strategy of PAID

  • The vision of PAID

The vision of the Association is to be the reference centre for concerted, decent and sustainable Economic, Social and Cultural development of the African continent bringing together in every country all persons without distinction of race, nationality, religious origin, or belief and the Association shall accept no gifts, grants or contributions from any public or private institution which is subject to a condition contrary to its political and religious neutrality (see Article 2 of the Statute of the Association).

  • The missions of PAID

The mission of the International Association is to foster the economic, social, and cultural development of the African countries through:
1.    Training African officials using all legal means at its disposal, to enable them assume responsibilities at various levels, in order to achieve self-development and improve their living conditions.
2.    Research–publication to assist in the satisfaction of African people’s needs.
3.    Support for African populations living in the field.
4.    Consultancy in development issues in Africa.
5.    Development projects in Africa.

  • The values of PAID

The values on which PAID is build are:
•    Ethics as a guiding principle;
•     Integrity;
•     Responsibility;
•    The love for work well done;
•    The acceptance of difference;
•    The desire for transcendence;
•    Compliance with laws and regulations;
•     Respect for the rights of other citizens and human freedom;
•    The effort to savings and investment;
•    Respect of the public good;
•     Good governance;
•    Environmental protections.

Sustainable development
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