Publication and Documentation

        To support the activities of training, research and support-consultancy, the PAID-General Secretariat as well as it regional institutes have the most equipped documentation centers in Africa in domain of development. Documentation centers in PAID are also equipped with general work for an opening to foreigners who come to work in PAID.
Today, with the help of Information Technology, PAID has launched a major project to digitize its collection of documents for the establishment of a digital library accessible by the beneficiaries of its services and partners. To expand its documentation, PAID uses the services of some of its partners. We can mention here among others INFODOC the basis of the IRED (Innovation and Development Network) fully available for service recipients of PAID.

         The activities of PAID also intended to lead to publications such as PAID’s books, whose function is to promote and make available to partners of research results and field experience of PAID.

Some of importants publications of PAID

 "THE PAID STORY"  by Dr Fernand VINCENT, december 1982.

"Train managers for development" The Harmattan with LOIC BERNADETTE and the Dr FERNAND VINCENT

"Panafricanism, Research, Peace et concerted developpmentin Africa" of the Prof  Emmanuel Kamdem, Secretary general of PAID and the Dr Willibroad Dze-Ngwa,  at the University of Yaoundé I, 2014

" Concertalism, concertocraty and social economy" of the Prof. Emmanuel Kamdem, Secretary general of PAID, May 2012

"The new book of management" of the Dr. Vincent Fernand, Member PAID'S administration council, 2012

"Magazine of the fiftieh anniversary of PAID", 2012

"Book of the members of the administration council and the Secretary general", décembre 2012

PAID'S progress report  2010-11

PAID'S progress report 2011-12

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