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Research and innovation in PAID follows three main goals:

  - Highlighting the wealth and potential of African countries;
  - Presenting  a changing Africa and responsible for its development;
  - Restore hope and trust in Africa that believes in its future, which allows its children to believe also in a better future.
It is launch through action research and the process lead to the week of Innovation.


It is a research strategy that lead to publication of results and each R-PAID are actively participating in it. Action-research involves beneficiaries in the entire research process. PAID aims at installing research laboratories in rural and urban peripheries, to enable students and trainers to have an observation and experimentation field. These areas will also enable communities to benefit from the research of PAID. PAID will also set-up an International Centre for Concerted, Decent and Sustainable Development responsible for conducting high level researches in Africa and management of technical cooperation projects.


Organise every two years from 2012, this unique event allows all Africans to share innovative ideas and innovations. This five-day forum, organized in an African city, is a global platform for new ideas to promote African development. This event will represent Africa on the move. It will facilitate meetings and working together by Africans. The forum allows Africans to express, formulate, to testify, share, argue, discuss, propose, plan and build together.
All segments of the population are represented in these debates: business leaders (small, medium and large multinationals), trade union leaders, leaders of civil society organizations, leaders of youth organizations, women and men known for their innovative ideas, politicians, men and women from churches, leaders and peasant leaders, artisans, fishermen, farmers, etc..
This innovation week will be the testimony, exhibits, field visits, a places exchange, presentations of street theater and development of websites, "cybercafés / development", documentation centers etc.

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