The General Secretariat is the administrative and coordinating organ of the association. It is headed by a Secretary General who is assisted by central directors and the internal auditor. He is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Association. Under authority and control of the Executive Committee (EC), he assures the proper functioning of the Association.
He is an ex-officio member of the Governing Council (GC) and Executive Committee (EC) in which he acts as the Executive Secretary. In addition to the power confer to him by the Statutes; he has the following managing powers:
o    He receives and processes request for membership;
o    He investigates dismissal cases of staff members ;
o    He collects dues and other contributions from association members;
o    He updates the membership register ;
o    He organizes election of members of the Governing Council in addition to consultations and census/surveys of community of members;
o    He organizes meetings of statutory organs and central subsidiary organs of the association;
o    He receives and files correspondences addressed to the president and send copies to him;
o    He makes the first move or on orders from the President of the Association, prepare official correspondences of the President, including those latter sent to him;
o    He is the custodian of the sea of the President of the Association;
o    He represents the association vis-à-vis third parties and the administrations;
o    He ensures that the association abides to the laws and regulations of the countries wherever it operates;
o    He receives all finances due to the association and pay its debts;
o    He opens on behalf of the association any Giro, deposit or current account, with any bank and sign any cheque, bank transfers and paying instrument for the proper functioning of these accounts, in accordance with statutory provisions and regulations of established procedures fixed and ordered by the Executive Committee.

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