In the frame of its activities, PAID associates with other actors who agree to pool their efforts together to achieve a common goal related to a problem or clearly identified needs. Thus, PAID use the technical and financial partners to accomplish its missions.

  • The financial partners of the IPD are available here.
  • Technical partners are identified below:



Service d’Appui aux Initiatives Locales de Développement (SAILD): NGO with Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of  the United Nations and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
Association Citoyenne de Défense des Intérêts Collectifs Citizens Association for the Defence of Collective Interests (ACDIC)

PAID, SAILD and ACDIC have chosen to act together to contribute to the fight against extreme poverty of the rural populations by enhancing their capacity for self-feeding.
The propose capacity building of rural self-supply, offers through Promoting Pole of Food Crops (PPCV), an original and innovative approach to assist rural communities to overcome poverty through sound management of their production and land.
Designed with the sensibility of civil society actors, this project has some similarities with the "Millennium Villages" initiated by the UNDP (United Nation Development Programme), to find lasting solutions to the multiple constraints (related to infrastructure, input supply, the organization of the rural, environmental legislative and institutional) that hinders the development of rural areas.
Better still, in its implementation this concept combines subtly:

  • action-Research;
  • development;
  • training to technically accompany the producers;
  • advocacy and lobbying activities conducted by experienced non-state actors.

A new approach based on improving the living conditions of rural populations.


  • IRED
Innovations et Réseaux pour le Développement (IRED):
PAID shares with IRED development information databases, including an extensive database of available literature on the link ...
African Union (AU): AU is the fundamental institution and principal organization of the continent in the promotion of accelerated socio-economic integration of the continent in order to strengthen unity and solidarity between countries and peoples of Africa.
PAID has an observation status with AU…….


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